3 am thoughts.

Week 2 Blog Post

It’s 3am and all I can think about is time.

At first, it seems like you have so much of it, more than your two hands could ever hold, and you let the sands fall to the side without thinking a second thought.

It feels like you have endless days to spare, and the future is but a vague idea in the distance. However, before you know it, months turn into weeks and weeks turn into days and soon you realize the time you once had has turned into grains



your fingertips.

Now, you’re closing your fists,

white knuckled,

holding onto as much time as your two hands can hold before it’s gone.

How many adventures did you save for “someday”?
How many friends are still left waiting to “catch up soon”?
How many moments did you choose not to take, allowing yourself to bite the comforting bait of “next time I will”.
How many nights were spent inside, leaving sunsets and stars unseen?
How many new and beautiful people did you miss on meeting?
Or love, that never found it’s way to you, sitting on the other side of that closed front door.

Where along the way in your busy life did you forget that you cannot “catch up” on time to live?

There is no next time, there is only now,

and now will be all there ever is.

Life moves fast, faster than you think.

It’s 3am and all I can think about is what am I going do with the time I have left.

One thought on “3 am thoughts.

  1. Hi! First time commenter, long time reader. It’s hard sometimes to say yes. It’s hard to say yes when you have work to do or prior obligations and it is sometimes difficult to suppress your guilt when looking back at all the “what if’s”.

    Although, it feels that time is running out, you can be a “life liver” looking in the rear view mirror. You have to live your life making the most of those few grains of sand you have left.

    “How man nights were spent inside, leaving sunsets and stars unseen,” rings especially true with me. I am currently living in Calgary and I realized I cannot see the stars at night. The lights from the city skyline, powered by fossil fuels dug up in tar sands, block out the twinkling light from the nighttime’s stars.

    Although, it’s sad to think of all the times you took opportunity for granted. But although sometimes I miss those twinkling stars, I know there are still a few stargazing grains of sand left between my fingers.

    Thanks for listening.

    Living life one step at a time.

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