Caught in the Rain

Week 1 Blog Post

On a stormy day in the middle of June, some friends and I decided to go out and get caught in the rain.

Our spontaneous yet simple act served as a reminder our days are meant to be seized and life is meant to be enjoyed – no matter the weather. Next time you yourself on a miserable day filled with overcast and rain, run outside and enjoy it. Even better, go grab your friends and run on the road barefoot. Jump in puddles or better yet, a lake. Get soaked and drench yourself in every minute of it.

When you accept each day for exactly what it is, rain or shine, you become the master of your own joy. You quickly realize that weather does not determine your fun, nor does any outward influence. The only thing you need on a rainy day and in life is yourself.

So go get caught in the rain and watch the world transform around you.

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