Forest Foraging

Week 9 Blog Post

Mushroom hunting season: mother nature’s gift to all foragers

One of the best kept secrets hidden within the forests of BC are the edible mushrooms that grow under the canopies of the dense coastal forests. During mid- late fall mushrooms such as Golden Chanterelles and lobster mushrooms begin to grow after heavy rainfall. Often, these fungi are left untouched but to the trained eye, mushrooms such as chanterelles and lobsters can be found and cooked into culinary delights. Below are some of my favourite ways to prepare edible mushrooms found while hiking through the forests of Vancouver Island. 

Finding & collecting the forest magic

Step 1: find & identify

Step 2: Clean and sort

Step 3: Enjoy!


Recipes & other resources

Further reading and information on mushroom foraging, Chanterelles, and lobster mushrooms:

Lobster Mushrooms

Favourite recipes:éed-Lobster-Mushrooms-Recipe


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