Self care: yoga & mindfulness tools

Week 7 Blog Post

A life well lived comes from the inside out, and a large part of building a foundation of personal well being is through self care.

Self care comes in many different forms. Sometimes, it looks like spending time with friends and family, reading your favourite book, or exploring the outdoors and feeding your sense of adventure. Other times, it looks like small, intentional acts of self awareness throughout your day. One of my favourite ways to practice self care is through yoga and journaling. I find that by implementing these small acts of self care as a part of my daily routine that I am able to start and end my days with a clear mindset towards my daily intentions, a sense of self love, and gratitude for my life. By journaling a little bit each day, I am able to centre my thoughts and practice gratitude and self reflection. In addition to journaling, I have found that by taking a couple of minutes each morning and night to move through a small yoga routine that I am able to get in touch with my mind and body and ground myself in a sense of peace. I have found that these acts of self care have become pivotal tools for creating a positive mindset geared towards a life well lived.

This week, I wanted to share some resources that you might find helpful to use for yoga sequences and journaling prompts. Below, are some of my favourite journaling prompts and affirmations as well as easy morning/ night yoga routines that I use daily!

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