Quasi GIF

Mini Assignment 6

Fall down 10 times but get up 11 right??

Here is a quasi-GIF that wears two hats: one that makes this video look like a GIF, due to the amount of times I repeatedly fall making it look like an infinite GIF-like loop, and another that hopefully serves as inspiration for you to try- regardless of how many times you may fall down in the process.

Superhero Guest Post

Mini Assignment 2

Deadpool here. First things first, what the %^78 is this hippie $h-t????

Would you like some organic granola to sprinkle on top this overflowing bowl of pretentiousness? Oh biiiig news, young girl goes out in nature, gets out of her comfort zone and thinks she’s “different”. You’re telling me, you guys are actually reading this….sober? If I wanted to subject myself to people holding hands and singing combaya, I would have gone to a spirit circle and danced with a little friend I like to call peyote.

Onto what really matters, me. Or more so, my adventures because who “lives life” more than the guy who cant die?
Due to the current $h-t storm the world has spiralled itself into, the world of movie magic is on hold. But, good news is that my favourite actor Ryan Reynolds is making big moves at Marvel being the highest paid actor. So if COVID can find its way to f**ck off, we’ll get pretty boy Reynolds to squeeze his tight as in my beautiful red suit. Anywho, make sure you get your daily intake of chimichangas with a side of maximum effort and boycott anything Australian and rhymes with wolverine. And if you happen to see colossus, tell him ill be kissing his sweet sweet metal lips as soon as I can get within 150 feet of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.