Peer Review 3: Falling For Fashion

This week I am reviewing the marketability of my peer Kyra’s blog “Falling For Fashion”.


From a content standpoint, I think that the blog could be more marketable to users if it had more visual content to interact with. For instance, if the homepage had something like a fashion “look book” gallery where you could scroll through different outfits and pictures of fashion models, or even a separate tab on the homepage that had a look book of your personal outfits (as seen on the “about” section) and/ or a section that highlighted each of the different fashion items you’ve written about in your blog posts (such as leather outfits and baugette bags). That way a visitor on your site could click on a tab or scroll down the homepage and see browse through outfits and see pictures to draw inspiration from. Another thing that could add to user engagement would be adding links to fashion videos such as fashion youtubers reviews on new trends, seasonal haul reviews (such as a fall fashion haul), or YouTube clips of runway shows / other fashion videos.
Another way you could make your blog more marketable would be to add your own styling guides. It would be cool and engaging to see home tutorials on how to layer outfits, how to create a set of “basics” that you can pair with other clothing items, how to accessorize your wardrobe for winter/ fall/ summer, or ways to combine different pieces to create different aesthetics.

An example of the kind of videos that you could insert as additional content, I have added some screenshots of my favourite fashion YouTuber Asia Jackson’s Chanel. Videos like “How to build your wardrobe with basics”, “how to turn outfits into LOOKS”, or “how to define your style WITHOUT spending money” are all types of videos that would be helpful resources for users or, an even better option would be if you were to make your own videos or blog posts for your website.

Here are some photos (below) that are examples of the type of content from your blog already that would fit well for the “look book” suggestion.


From a design standpoint, the blog is very clean and minimalistic which I think works really well as it allows the user to focus more on whats important : clothing and fashion. I like the collages and I think they’re a really fun & creative way to create aesthetics for your posts. I especially like the collage you made for your “fun on flim” post as it gave the post a very nostalgic scrapbook kind of vibe.

I think that the blog could benefit from making the headings from each post and your website title all the same colour, as right now, the “Falling For Fashion” title is green, the subtitle “The latest and greatest fashion updates” is brown, your process post headings are black, and your blog posts headings are purple. Although color is nice to have, I think that choosing one constant colour for all of your blog post & process post headings and subtitle would clean things up, especially with the green title.

Another suggestion that I would have is to double check your links for your process posts as I was unable to click on your week 3 and 4 process posts and could only read/ interact with your content for weeks 1 & 2. From a user’s perspective, it would be nice to be able to easily see your content laid out that doesn’t make the user need to do a lot of extra work. Although this may seem odd, one thing that is important to consider is that in todays media we are used to things being instant. Because of this, the average users attention span on any social media site is typically pretty short. In order to draw users in and keep them engaged, it is important to have the design of your website simple and easy to engage with so the user can scroll through and interact with little hassle. This way, you are more likely to keep your users attention, creating more engagement with your site and in turn, making it more marketable.

^ the posts that I seemed to be unable to view

In all, I really like the idea of this blog and think it has a lot of potential to be a super sweet & modern page for fashion lovers and internet users alike. With a little more visual content added, it could be very marketable as a page that one would go to as an alternative to instagram or YouTube to find fashion inspiration and updates on new trends. The fact that it is a blog over a social media account such as Instagram or YouTube gives it a “morning newspaper” kind of vibe, that makes you want to read it each week with a cup of coffee in one hand, and scroll through a sort of interactive journal that allows the user to interact with fashion media in different ways. Because of this, I think that “Falling for Fashion” has a lot of potential to be a very marketable and unique site and I am exited to see how it grows throughout the second half of this semester!!

Peer Review 2: The Procrastireader

Peer Review 2

Hey Victoria!!

Firstly, I love your blog. The idea is not only creative and fun, but also spot on to a feeling many of us book readers can relate to. I have started more books than I can count due to procrastinating something that I should be doing instead. In addition to that, I also have started new books to procrastinate finishing the other books that I started to procrastinate other tasks in the first place.

I really enjoyed reading your blog posts and found them very well written. Each post carried personality, voice, and creativity, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading blog posts such as “Book Posts That Speak To My Soul” and “How I Almost Joined a Book Pyramid Scheme”. I found the book pyramid scheme post hilarious- this is definitely a trap that I have accidentally almost fallen into more times than I can count and reading your post reminded me of all of the times I have said ”Not another pyramid scheme!! How do I keep getting bamboozled and how did I not see this coming!?” The fact that your mom so easily could see through the mirage of the “1 for 36 book exchange” and quickly searched up facts to prove that it was a pyramid scheme was all too relatable.

From a design front, your blog is beautiful. I feel like this peer review is solely me just gassing you up but you have done a really amazing job at making a creative, aesthetically pleasing blog filled with voice and light. That being said, your attention to detail has also not gone unnoticed. From the large lettered text that starts each blog post, to the artsy covers for each posts preview image, the blog itself is bursting with colour and art. As a viewer, it looks like a blog that surpasses a webpage designed to satisfy a 100 level class requirement. The format of the blog is easy to navigate, and the different sections of content is displayed in a way that makes it easy for the average reader to interact and explore. You have inspired me to improve the quality of my blog and make me want to customize my page in similar ways. I also really like your homepage header and the art that you have put in ad the cheerful yellow theme that you have used for your headings, “read more” tabs, and drop down menu.

I was going into this peer review not knowing what to expect and I am very blown away by the standard in which you have created your blog to. I have been working to find any kind of critique for your blog, but I genuinely cannot find one- which is not a common occurrence. I look forward to seeing your blog as you progress through the class. Keep up the good work and I hope you give yourself some major kudos for being a wordpress wizard.

All the best,

Hope Stewart.

Peer Review 2 Reflection

Week 6 Process Post

After reflecting upon the “Procrastireader’s” peer review of my blog, I found I was able to take the constrictive criticism from Tonia and use it to better improve my page. I really appreciated the feedback and found it really helpful to have a fresh set of eyes to view my page and improve the content and visual appearance of my site through Victoria’s suggestions.

For Instance, I took Victoria’s suggestion in cleaning up the appearance of my home page. I had been wrangling with trying to have a homepage video that played on a 14 second loop, but was constantly running into the problem of it loading and working on some computers and not working on others. When Victoria said that my blog had a nice “minimalistic” white space on the homepage, I knew that the video had not loaded for her, and if my peers are seeing an empty blank page when they see my site for the first time, that is was time to put this Tom foolery to an end. I later removed they video, went back to the drawing board, and worked to re create the homepage using photos rather than a large video file (Thank you for helping me decide to make this switch!!). In addition to this, I also switched around the menu underneath the “we hope you find what you’re looking for” heading. I agree, it wasn’t looking very polished and didn’t quite fit the theme of the website. I found the suggestion of adding a “writing, poetry & short stories” section super helpful – I hadn’t thought of doing that and after reading that suggestion, it seemed like something I should have done all along to make the website more user friendly. It also inspired me to write more stories and poetry since all the posts that received the highest feedback were the ones that were either my poems or my short stories!! In addition to this, I went in to my posts afterwards and fixed the grammatical errors that were pointed out and fixed the inconsistency with titles on my blog and process posts.
In all, Victoria called me out on all of the little details on my website that I was either neglecting, was too lazy to fix, or had looked at so many times, not realized that they were an issue all together. I definitely feel more inspired to spruce up my page by adding more photos and more creative content so thank you, I really appreciated your thoroughness and attention to detail in your peer review of my site!!

Peer Review 1: Here To Cook

Link to website:

First Glance:

Upon first glance, “Here To Cook” is a thoughtful, well presented cooking blog. The website is easy to navigate and has a minimalistic feel. The blog’s intention was easy to identify as a space dedicated to aesthetically pleasing cooking posts and videos. Visually, “Here To Cook” satisfied all that I could want as a viewer and I liked the simple interface that the theme “BlogGrid” provided. However, I noticed that the written content could use some rewording. Certain written portions of the blog such as the welcome statement on the blogs homepage, the about section, and the blog posts had grammatical errors and/or lacked formality and flow. For instance, the “about” section could use a second look through as the word “To” was spelt as “yo”. In addition to this, the welcome description on the homepage could be improved upon by rephrasing it’s message. Sentences such as “welcome to this food blog, but it isn’t just any other food blog” could be swapped out for something a little more polished such as “Welcome to “Here to Cook”, a food blog unlike many others. Wether you are here to learn, or want to unwind with relaxing cooking videos, the joy and art of cooking is made available for you to experience anywhere, anytime.”

Format/ Styling

Overall, I enjoyed the format of the blog and thought that the style worked well as a very clean, user friendly, entry level website design. However, one thing that could be changed is the depth of the written content. It is said in the “about” section that the author is a “goofball” but many of the blog posts do not seem to show this “goofball” persona that is described on the about page. My favourite post on the blog so far was the “Process Post 1: Encounter With a Stranger” as I felt it carried the most voice and depth. I enjoyed hearing your alternative opinion when it comes to online vs in-person interaction and from this post, felt the closest to reading a personal “blog post”. This is an example of the type of content where it was nice to see pieces of your “goofball” character when you used things such as ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS AND SASS, bolded lettering, and text with extraaaaa letters to create a more conversational “vibe”. The process posts were well put together and read well, which left the blog section videos feeling a little empty. Seeing as though the main intention of the creative side of your food blog is to provide cooking videos the majority of viewers will be visiting the “videos” section of the website. Because of this, I think that the posts such as “Week 1: Soufflé Omelette” and “Week 2: Salad Rolls” could use a bit more content as they felt a bit empty/ unfinished even though the theme of the blog is to be relaxing and simple. An example of additional content that could add to the cooking videos would be either a copy of the recipe posted in an additional block or a link to the recipe posted below and your own fun tips and tricks for the readers/viewers at home. Even a slightly longer write up that allows you to showcase your personality a bit more would help the video section stand out and gives viewers more content to interact with, which in turn will make them want to spend more time on your blog

Overall thoughts

I really enjoyed viewing this blog and I think that it has really great potential to create a niche in the realm of culinary cinematography. The cooking videos offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the many “cooking tutorials” blog posts that dominate sites such as Pinterest where there are long winded write ups accompanied by unnecessary step by step photos that leave the viewer scrolling for minutes trying to find a recipe and get what they originally came for. The videos uploaded on Here To Cook have ambient background music and no additional narration, allowing the video to be viewed casually as a pallet cleanser from the fast paced, in-your-face media we normally consume on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube.