Online Disinhibition Effect

Week 4 Process Post

Out of the six behaviours of John Suler’s “The Online Disinhibition Effect” , I feel that the behaviour of asynchronicity aka “See You Later” most reflects my online self (Suler, 2004). I often find myself leaving people on “read” like its my day job. Interacting with people in “non” real time over platforms such as email and online messaging platforms I often get overwhelmed with the idea of an instant message requiring an instant response and am disinhibited by the idea that over text and email I have the ability to close the screen and choose what/when I want to respond and often use it as a get out of jail free card to take my time when it comes to replying. However, I believe that the weird set of rules created by online messaging/ interaction that dictates an immediate message needing an equal immediate response inhibits the ability to allow ourselves to take time whatever time we may need to respond.

Works cited: Suler, John. 2004. Psychology of Cyberspace – The Online Disinhibition Effect,

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