Peer Review 2 Reflection

Week 6 Process Post

After reflecting upon the “Procrastireader’s” peer review of my blog, I found I was able to take the constrictive criticism from Tonia and use it to better improve my page. I really appreciated the feedback and found it really helpful to have a fresh set of eyes to view my page and improve the content and visual appearance of my site through Victoria’s suggestions.

For Instance, I took Victoria’s suggestion in cleaning up the appearance of my home page. I had been wrangling with trying to have a homepage video that played on a 14 second loop, but was constantly running into the problem of it loading and working on some computers and not working on others. When Victoria said that my blog had a nice “minimalistic” white space on the homepage, I knew that the video had not loaded for her, and if my peers are seeing an empty blank page when they see my site for the first time, that is was time to put this Tom foolery to an end. I later removed they video, went back to the drawing board, and worked to re create the homepage using photos rather than a large video file (Thank you for helping me decide to make this switch!!). In addition to this, I also switched around the menu underneath the “we hope you find what you’re looking for” heading. I agree, it wasn’t looking very polished and didn’t quite fit the theme of the website. I found the suggestion of adding a “writing, poetry & short stories” section super helpful – I hadn’t thought of doing that and after reading that suggestion, it seemed like something I should have done all along to make the website more user friendly. It also inspired me to write more stories and poetry since all the posts that received the highest feedback were the ones that were either my poems or my short stories!! In addition to this, I went in to my posts afterwards and fixed the grammatical errors that were pointed out and fixed the inconsistency with titles on my blog and process posts.
In all, Victoria called me out on all of the little details on my website that I was either neglecting, was too lazy to fix, or had looked at so many times, not realized that they were an issue all together. I definitely feel more inspired to spruce up my page by adding more photos and more creative content so thank you, I really appreciated your thoroughness and attention to detail in your peer review of my site!!

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