Peer Review 2: The Procrastireader

Peer Review 2

Hey Victoria!!

Firstly, I love your blog. The idea is not only creative and fun, but also spot on to a feeling many of us book readers can relate to. I have started more books than I can count due to procrastinating something that I should be doing instead. In addition to that, I also have started new books to procrastinate finishing the other books that I started to procrastinate other tasks in the first place.

I really enjoyed reading your blog posts and found them very well written. Each post carried personality, voice, and creativity, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading blog posts such as “Book Posts That Speak To My Soul” and “How I Almost Joined a Book Pyramid Scheme”. I found the book pyramid scheme post hilarious- this is definitely a trap that I have accidentally almost fallen into more times than I can count and reading your post reminded me of all of the times I have said ”Not another pyramid scheme!! How do I keep getting bamboozled and how did I not see this coming!?” The fact that your mom so easily could see through the mirage of the “1 for 36 book exchange” and quickly searched up facts to prove that it was a pyramid scheme was all too relatable.

From a design front, your blog is beautiful. I feel like this peer review is solely me just gassing you up but you have done a really amazing job at making a creative, aesthetically pleasing blog filled with voice and light. That being said, your attention to detail has also not gone unnoticed. From the large lettered text that starts each blog post, to the artsy covers for each posts preview image, the blog itself is bursting with colour and art. As a viewer, it looks like a blog that surpasses a webpage designed to satisfy a 100 level class requirement. The format of the blog is easy to navigate, and the different sections of content is displayed in a way that makes it easy for the average reader to interact and explore. You have inspired me to improve the quality of my blog and make me want to customize my page in similar ways. I also really like your homepage header and the art that you have put in ad the cheerful yellow theme that you have used for your headings, “read more” tabs, and drop down menu.

I was going into this peer review not knowing what to expect and I am very blown away by the standard in which you have created your blog to. I have been working to find any kind of critique for your blog, but I genuinely cannot find one- which is not a common occurrence. I look forward to seeing your blog as you progress through the class. Keep up the good work and I hope you give yourself some major kudos for being a wordpress wizard.

All the best,

Hope Stewart.

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