Peer Review 3: Falling For Fashion

This week I am reviewing the marketability of my peer Kyra’s blog “Falling For Fashion”.


From a content standpoint, I think that the blog could be more marketable to users if it had more visual content to interact with. For instance, if the homepage had something like a fashion “look book” gallery where you could scroll through different outfits and pictures of fashion models, or even a separate tab on the homepage that had a look book of your personal outfits (as seen on the “about” section) and/ or a section that highlighted each of the different fashion items you’ve written about in your blog posts (such as leather outfits and baugette bags). That way a visitor on your site could click on a tab or scroll down the homepage and see browse through outfits and see pictures to draw inspiration from. Another thing that could add to user engagement would be adding links to fashion videos such as fashion youtubers reviews on new trends, seasonal haul reviews (such as a fall fashion haul), or YouTube clips of runway shows / other fashion videos.
Another way you could make your blog more marketable would be to add your own styling guides. It would be cool and engaging to see home tutorials on how to layer outfits, how to create a set of “basics” that you can pair with other clothing items, how to accessorize your wardrobe for winter/ fall/ summer, or ways to combine different pieces to create different aesthetics.

An example of the kind of videos that you could insert as additional content, I have added some screenshots of my favourite fashion YouTuber Asia Jackson’s Chanel. Videos like “How to build your wardrobe with basics”, “how to turn outfits into LOOKS”, or “how to define your style WITHOUT spending money” are all types of videos that would be helpful resources for users or, an even better option would be if you were to make your own videos or blog posts for your website.

Here are some photos (below) that are examples of the type of content from your blog already that would fit well for the “look book” suggestion.


From a design standpoint, the blog is very clean and minimalistic which I think works really well as it allows the user to focus more on whats important : clothing and fashion. I like the collages and I think they’re a really fun & creative way to create aesthetics for your posts. I especially like the collage you made for your “fun on flim” post as it gave the post a very nostalgic scrapbook kind of vibe.

I think that the blog could benefit from making the headings from each post and your website title all the same colour, as right now, the “Falling For Fashion” title is green, the subtitle “The latest and greatest fashion updates” is brown, your process post headings are black, and your blog posts headings are purple. Although color is nice to have, I think that choosing one constant colour for all of your blog post & process post headings and subtitle would clean things up, especially with the green title.

Another suggestion that I would have is to double check your links for your process posts as I was unable to click on your week 3 and 4 process posts and could only read/ interact with your content for weeks 1 & 2. From a user’s perspective, it would be nice to be able to easily see your content laid out that doesn’t make the user need to do a lot of extra work. Although this may seem odd, one thing that is important to consider is that in todays media we are used to things being instant. Because of this, the average users attention span on any social media site is typically pretty short. In order to draw users in and keep them engaged, it is important to have the design of your website simple and easy to engage with so the user can scroll through and interact with little hassle. This way, you are more likely to keep your users attention, creating more engagement with your site and in turn, making it more marketable.

^ the posts that I seemed to be unable to view

In all, I really like the idea of this blog and think it has a lot of potential to be a super sweet & modern page for fashion lovers and internet users alike. With a little more visual content added, it could be very marketable as a page that one would go to as an alternative to instagram or YouTube to find fashion inspiration and updates on new trends. The fact that it is a blog over a social media account such as Instagram or YouTube gives it a “morning newspaper” kind of vibe, that makes you want to read it each week with a cup of coffee in one hand, and scroll through a sort of interactive journal that allows the user to interact with fashion media in different ways. Because of this, I think that “Falling for Fashion” has a lot of potential to be a very marketable and unique site and I am exited to see how it grows throughout the second half of this semester!!

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