Personal Cyberinfrastructure Reflection

Week 2 Process Post

A personal Cyberinfrastructure is a concept that has been around for many years, however, now more than ever it has become increasingly relevant in today’s schooling. A personal Cyberinfrastructure is the idea that one can create an extension of their intellect online, and that this extension allows users to become the master of their own digital voice. An online presence has become more and more imperative to our learning processes as students and this involvement with the online world only increases as we enter the workforce. Currently as a student, my Cyberinfrastructure (or lack thereof) consists of scattered digital footprints of archived blog posts, old school projects lost in the stream of YouTube videos, and numerous files of essays, papers, and powerpoints, saved on my laptop, never to be seen again. However, as a social media user, my personal Cyberinfrastructure is much more developed. My social media Cyberinfrastructure is primarily used as a sharing platform for pictures from my adventures and the hobbies that I do with my friends. I use my instagram as a highlight reel of my adventure photos and as a way to showcase my work as both a photographer and cinematographer. I have worked to create an online identity as an outdoor enthusiast/ content creator as I am passionate about film, adventure cinematography, and capturing candid moments of joy and the human experience. At the same time however, my personal Cyberinfrastructure uses me, and I often find myself feeling “bound” to a certain way of posting on my Instagram. I often catch myself feeding into the belief that I’ve created a certain “personality” online and that I have to uphold. I hope to develop my personal Cyberinfrastructure as a student as in-depth as I have for my social media presence and I think that the experience that I have gained developing myself online as a social media personality will transfer over to developing my online presence as a student.

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