Social Media: Expanding or Narrowing Our View? Personal Response

Week 9 Process Post

Journalism and media have expanded in many ways in recent years and have allowed an entire new platform of journalism and news sharing to emerge from the internet. However, the idea of what constitutes news has changed its shape to become a much more loosely defined term. For instance, we have become accustomed to forms of news such as “soft news” and “infotainment” that are less concerned with important global events, and are more directed towards appealing to emotions, entertainment, and sensationalized, catchy headlines. Whether we realize it or not, the news we are exposed to is filtered and narrowed to fit our own biases, even when we think that we are seeing the “full truth” or “expanding” our viewpoints. Factors such as proximity, the introduction of hard and soft news, and what we subconsciously select as “newsworthy” when reading/ viewing the news all impact the information that we are receiving in the age of digital media. For instance, proximity influences the news we see and is a byproduct of the subconscious tendency to care more about what is in our direct community/ culture. Often, we contrast a narrative that fits our normal scope of daily life and cultures because we feel more closely related to it, and therefore more drawn to reading and empathizing with this kind of media. For example, as Canadians, we are more drawn to events that involve Canada because it seems more relevant to our daily lives and close to home. The two avenues of news (hard and soft news) also plays a large role in what type of digital media we choose to consume and contributes towards our own narrowed vision of the social world. We have become more drawn to sensationalized news stories and the media has used this as an agenda setting tool to decide on which topics will grab the most public attention. This has set a new norm of what is considered political, and we have started to expect more personalized/ appealing/ flashy coverage of news. This gradual shift in how our news is packaged has shaped a narrowed viewpoint on media and news in more ways than we may realize and has made it become increasingly harder to differentiate credible information online.  

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