Stealing Moments

Week 6 Blog Post

It’s mid October.

For most of us, that means we are now fully settled into the throws of school and the novelty of “fall” has started to lose its effect. The days are getting darker by the minute, and most of our time is spent inside our homes navigating through the new home- school/ work life balance while also juggling assignments, papers, and tests.

Sounds fun right?

The post summer come down hits us all in different ways and it’s important to adapt to the change of seasons in ways that still promote happiness and self care. It can feel like once were back to the “reality” of work and school that we no longer have any time. Whether its time for ourselves, time for extra activities, or time to spend with friends and loved ones, when summer ends, it can feel like a little piece of our happiness does too.

So how do we make more time? Where does it come from? And where does it go?

The thing is, there is no amount of rearranging our schedules, earlier wake up times, or dailed in reminder tabs that will give us more time in our day. It’s almost impossible to create the large chunk of extra time that we think we need in order to regain a sense of freedom in our lives. What is possible though, is learning to look at your day and find pieces of calm within the chaos by stealing little moments for yourself. For instance, if your day involves commuting by transit, it can look like using your time while sitting on the bus or train to look out the window and give yourself a moment to take in the scenery and be one with your thoughts. If your day revolves around the home, it can look like stealing a moment for yourself while you sip your morning coffee. Being mindful of how it tastes, how the mug feels when you hold it, and allowing yourself to be present, one sip at a time. Stealing moments helps you realize that you are the master of your own time and that you have more control over your own happiness than it may feel. It helps you look for little silver linings in the smallest of things and encourages gratitude and mindfulness.

The clips in this video are all stolen moments. Moments from throughout my day that I chose to pause, look around, and take in the world around me. These moments were all instances that I could have easily missed and whisked by while lost in my own train of thought (such as the shots while sitting on and exiting the sky train, standing at an intersection, and riding my bike with friends) but took the time for myself to recognize beauty and art in each moment. By doing so, I was able to find ways to look at my own life from a different lens and acknowledge all of the beauty and magic that comes in and out of my daily hustle and bustle.

This fall, I challenge you to change your narrative about needing to “find more time” for yourself and look for the beauty in the moments you already experience each day. Take a minute to find mindfulness and gratitude during activities you normally “go through the motions” of, and steal the moments out of your day that have been waiting for you all along.

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